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I do get people who wants to be part of my business but something is still holding them back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, My business works that’s why we have people wh couldn’t pay their school fees going back to school. Youths who never dreamnt of driving , are now owning cars in their 20, Parents who salary wasn’t enough now proving all their children needs comfortably.Studentsno longer calls their parents for u keep money they are instead investing in other businesss while still studying courstesy of Online work.

No one wants to fail but unless you try , you won’t know your potential. I’ve seen dreams never achieved because someone was fearing starting in the notion of what if it doesn’t work?

Well there is nothing like failure only learning experiences, but if you think getting started is risking ask yourself if remaining in that same situation for the next 5yrs isn’t more riskier.

A legit company has physical offices, Is tax compliance, deals with real goods/services (something that the market needs), they are registered by a government body and has registration number you can verify at any huduma centre.

As the statement says BUSINESS not JOB.

Every business requires a start up capital, whether you deal with prodects or services, you can’t sell or offer to the general public what you haven’t bought. 

Just like that mpesa agent, they had to pay for the agent number to be recognised by Safaricom as one of their Agents.

I was being paid 22k a month in my job 4yrs ago before quitting to start this business. Right now and making up to around 200k a month in my business while the people i left in the job are right now at 30k a month. So wht do you think is business better than a job?

My oponion is a big YES . Am my own boss, i decide how much I want to get paid and i work within my schedule and I can take off any time i feel like. 

Be 18yrs of age and above.Be teachable, Be coachable, Be available to learn about the business either physicaly (Better) or online . Be available to run the business. There is no system to work for you, so you have to do your part as your mentors me being one of them teaches you on what works.

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