A pyramid Scheme. A scum. That thing. No one makes money in those ‘things’.
Only those at the top makes money. Only those who join first or earliest make money and so on and so forth…..
It surprises me that such ignorance is displayed on a business model that has been in existence since 1940s.

There are over 1000 companies in the world today who sell their products and services through Network Marketing.
These products range from health and nutrition to cosmetics, cookware, toys, education materials, and phone services – even low-cost legal and financial services.

A little research would show that hundreds of books have been written and thousands of videos made to explain this business model. As of this writing the industry has become recognized and accepted and is being taught as a profession in some universities.
It is exciting that Network Marketing has created thousands of millionaires and countless stories of people replacing incomes, quitting their jobs to work for themselves, or creating additional income streams.

The Network Marketing business model works as follows.
A company that wants to introduce their products or services to the market would want to use the most cost-effective way.
Instead of spending millions in traditional media ad buys, which has a declining effectiveness, it opts to employ network-marketing model.

In this model the company incurs marketing cost only when and if a sale occurs.
They get an army of word-of-mouth salespeople normally referred as distributors who sell the products or services to their friends and families. These salespeople are only paid for performance – when a sale is made!
The company has no advertising costs or salaries to pay, only commissions.

The salespeople partnered with the company are given a high sense of motivation by having an option of being business owners instead of just salespeople.
They are encouraged to earn more by recruiting other people and teaching them how to sell the products or services thus earning override income from their sales volume.

This way the distributors see life in a different lens, as a business owner waking up each day excited about the future they are building for themselves and their families.
They are not salespeople; they are business owners building their own businesses within the umbrella of the Network Marketing company.

The marketing team you build is yours together with the customer base and you are entitled to a percentage of the cash flow generated as long as the products or the services are moved in the network.
In this model everyone is a winner. The Network Marketing company makes money and so does the distributors who now have a chance to start their own businesses without capital, workers, offices or stock.

I trust this sheds some light on what Network Marketing is.
*Caroline Mwende*

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