The Importance of Destination Events in Network Marketing

The Importance of Destination Events in Network Marketing

In Network Marketing, the person who attends the most events, wins. And I don’t just mean the small group meetings or local team events. I mean the big destination events that are sponsored by your company or put on by your upline. Those destination events are the most powerful events you will ever go to, and it is crucial that you attend them.

I know some people will argue that in today’s technological world the destination event is dead. People just won’t travel for them anymore. There is so much training available online, why do they need to travel to receive more training? (Yes, I see the irony in that statement.) But I guarantee that if you look at the top earners in your company, you will find that virtually every one of them uses destination events as a cornerstone for building their business.

Here’s why destination events are so important for you to attend.

Reconnect to Your Dreams

Sometime you just need to get away from the routine of the day-to-day grind and remind yourself of your dreams. When you are working away, building your Network Marketing business, meeting with prospects, and scheduling meetings, you can get bogged down with all the activities and you begin to forget why you are doing this.

By attending destination events, you can put aside all of the activities for a few days and completely immerse yourself in why you joined Network Marketing in the first place. You have the chance to refocus on your dreams and recommit to your future. And events give you the strength you need to go back home, dig in, and do what’s necessary to move your business forward.

Find What You Need to Move Forward

The presentations you hear during destination events give you that strength to move forward. These events usually have top earners in the company as speakers and might even bring in outside speakers for training or motivation. You never know when one of these speakers will say something at just the right time in your life that resonates and ends up changing you forever.

I’ve had hundreds of those moments over the years at destination events. One speaker said something, and I gained the strength to never give up. Another speaker said something else and I stopped blaming others for my failures. I decided to go all the way to the top because of something a speaker said at an event. In fact, I can’t think of a single significant moment in my Network Marketing career that didn’t happen at an event.

Be a Part of the Network Marketing Community

In addition to the strength and training you receive at events, you also get to experience the community of the Network Marketing world. Being an entrepreneur is a lonely profession, especially for Network Marketers because our business is still so misunderstood.

But when you’re at an event, you’re surrounded by like-minded people. These people saw the same potential in Network Marketing as you did. They are taking the same journey as you. They have similar beliefs, hopes, dreams, aspirations, and positive attitudes. And you share similar struggles, obstacles, and fears. At events, you’re no longer alone. You are a community of other entrepreneurs.

Positive Peer Pressure

Finally, the community of Network Marketers also creates an element of positive peer pressure. Oftentimes, companies use destination events to recognize people who have reached certain goals, broken records, achieved a certain status, etc.

When those people who are being recognized walk across the stage, doesn’t it make you want to be them? You see them, you hear their story, and you think, “I want to be that person. I want to walk across the stage. I can do better than them.” You are inspired by the achievements of others to do more and work harder for your business.

The Secret of Destination Events

Travelling to destination events are one of the most powerful things you can do to help grow your business. And it’s important to keep going to them.

When I first started in Network Marketing, I didn’t think I could go to all of these events everywhere around the country. I didn’t have the money, time, or resources. But as I was at one of these events, I found myself standing next to one of the top income-earners in the whole company. When I asked him what the secret was, he told me something that I will never forget…

He said, “caroline , do you see this room? It holds about 1000 people. At the next event, half of these people won’t come back, but the half that does will be making about twice the average of everyone else in the room. Your job is to be in the 500 people who come back. And it doesn’t stop there.

At the next event half of those won’t come back, but the 500 who do will be making four times the amount of the average in the room. This continue from event to event. If you continue to come back, you’ll end up being among the highest paid people in the room, and eventually you’ll even find yourself presenting on stage.

Obviously, you’re going to have to continue to work on your skills in between events, but my experience has shown me that if you outlast people at our big events, you’ll make it to the top.”

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